Visiting the Club

Where can I smoke?

There are two designated areas: the Courtyard area and the Outdoor Gaming area.

I am a member of another RSL Club. Can I sign a guest in?

Only members of Bathurst RSL Club are permitted to sign guests in. Reciprocal membership entitles the holder of such membership access to Bathurst RSL but not the ability to sign others in.

I live inside the 15km area. Do I need to become a member?

In short, yes you will need to become a member. Everyone over the age of 18 years living within the 15 km radius is required to become a member to enter the club. There are however, various exceptions as follows:

  1. You are a full member of another RSL/Service club that is registered under the Registered Clubs Act.
  2. You are a guest of a Bathurst RSL Club full member and have been signed in by that member.
  3. Attending a function at Bathurst RSL Club and do not intend to use other club facilities.

How do I know if I live within 15kms of the club?

As a general rule, residents of Bathurst, West Bathurst, South Bathurst, Windradyne, Kelso, Eglinton, Perthville & Llanarth all fall within the 15km radius of the club.

What is the 15km radius?

Bathurst RSL Club is a Registered Club, and as such operates under the Registered Clubs Act. Part of this Act requires all patrons who reside within a designated 15km radius of Bathurst RSL Club, to become members if they wish to use club facilities. If you reside within this radius and wish not to become a member, you must be in the presence of a Bathurst RSL member when utilising our facilities.


Dress Regulations

Are hats permitted in the club?

As a mark of respect, we do not allow hats to be worn in the club, unless it is for medical reasons.

Are rubber thongs permitted in the club?

Yes, you are permitted to wear rubber thongs up until 7.00pm. After this time, you will be asked to change your footwear or vacate the club premise due to OH&S.



What happens if I lose or damage my membership card?

If you have lost your membership card inside the Club, it will be handed in and filed at Reception. However, if you have lost or damaged your card elsewhere, you can visit reception and have a new card printed for a small fee of $2.00

How do I get a copy of The Bugle magazine posted to me?

If you are unable to pick up a copy from the club and would like us to post you out a copy, please visit Reception where our staff will collect your mailing address and add you to our list.

When do my bonus points expire?

All bonus points expire on the 31st March each year. We advise all members to ensure they redeem all points before this date or risk losing them.

When do I need to renew my membership?

Each membership varies as some members have a 1 year membership and others a 3 year membership. Members who are due for renewal, will be notified by mail. You can also check your renewal date, by handing your membership card over to one our friendly Reception staff.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, you just need to complete an application form available from front and back reception noticeboards or download from our website www.bathurstrsl.com.au

Membership fees vary. Once you have completed all of the information on the application form, Reception will take your photo and process the form and receive payment. You will be issued with a temporary membership card immediately. Once your official membership card has been approved, you can request to have it posted to you or collect from reception.



Are children welcome at the club?

Yes. Children under 18 years are welcome to visit all areas of the Club. Restrictions apply to the Gaming room and immediate bar service areas.

Please note that children must be supervised at all times and are not permitted in these restricted areas.

We ask that all children are made aware of the 6.00pm Ode and that they observe the reverence of this daily occurrence. 



I was interested in joining the team at Bathurst RSL. How do I go about applying for any positions vacant?

Simply visit the Employment Page of our site and take a few moments to fill out our online application form.  Be sure to have your current resume ready to upload.



Do you host 18th birthday parties at the club?

Unfortunately due to our commitment to the responsible service of alcohol policy, we do not host 18th Birthdays at the club. We do however host 21st Birthdays, so be sure to check back with us in a few years’ time.



I am a Celiac and am coming to lunch at the clubs bistro. Do you have any items suitable for me to eat?

We certainly do! All suitable menu items are clearly marked ‘GF’ however if you have any questions, simply see our friendly staff and we will do our best to assist. Our menu can be viewed at www.bathurstrsl.com.au

I have a group of 4 people wanting to come for dinner in the bistro, do we need to make a booking?

As a general rule, we do not allow table reservations in our bistro. For large tour groups, family gatherings etc we would appreciate contact being made with our Catering Manager to discuss your needs.


What is a ‘Goods in Kind’ donation?

Bathurst RSL supports organisations through discounted room hire for social functions, fundraisers, regular meetings, AGMs etc.
These discounts are subject to the approval of the Bathurst RSL Board of Directors.


Your Experience

At the Bathurst RSL we appreciate feedback on your experience. Feel free to email us at:-