Kokoda The Spirit Lives

Tuesday 29th of August
Doors open at 7.00pm - screening starts at 7.30pm
Tickets $10

The Bathurst RSL Club is one of the Clubs selected to screen the world premiere of Kokoda The Spirit Lives.  This feature documentary will take viewers on a fascinating journey of discovery, walking in the footsteps of those who in 1942, against all odds, withstood Japan’s previously unstoppable Pacific invasion force to preserve Australia and Papua New Guinea’s ’s freedom.  The third in Patrick Lindsay’s trilogy of documentaries on the Kokoda Campaign (following Kokoda … the Bloody Track in 1991 and Kokoda … the Last Parade in 1998) it is a modern telling of the Kokoda story, its significance in the Pacific War and an exploration of the enduring spirit which sustained the Kokoda Diggers and which still inspires Australians today.